The panning hills

Author: Zuzana Zetková
historical monument
Boží Dar

Follow in the footsteps of ore miners to the heart of the Ore Mountains. The panning hills near the town of Boží Dar represent a unique landscape formation, which arose as a result of intensive mining between the 16th and the 18th century and today is known as a famous local natural sight.

Hundreds of small mounds are visible even in aerial photographs. With an area of 250 000 m2, it is one of the most extensive natural phenomena of this type in the country. Each mound can be up to 20 meters in length and 2 meters in height. You can also come across them in the direction of Myslivny and Ryžovna along the Černá river alongside the Tin road (Cínová stezka).

They are easily recognized from a distance thanks to their specific vegetation that differs from their surroundings.

The panning hills form a unique part of the local mining landscape and they astonish people with their unusual vegetation. During the tin panning process, the lightest parts of the embankments were removed along with the humus substrate and the panning hills are therefore poor in nutrients. Therefore, their vegetation differs significantly from that which grows around them – typically, the stands of heather, cranberries, Antennaria dioica, red fescue, protected arnica, crowberry and other specific plants grow here.



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