The Blatná water ditch

Author: Zuzana Zetková
historical monument
Boží Dar

The man-made ditch that enabled a mining revolution. This water management masterpiece from the 16th century is the largest mining water supply in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains and provided fuel for dozens of mining and associated operations. It still runs to this day.

Take a hike along its right bank and find out all about its function and history. You will come across waterflow regulating devices, dozens of gravel and sand traps or other technical elements that have survived for five centuries.

In 1980 it was declared a technical monument and in 2017 a national cultural monument. Its partial restoration was completed in 2001 and the whole ditch is currently undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment, so that it can be preserved for future generations.

Evropská unie. Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj.

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