The Golden Hill – Kaff

Author: Zuzana Zetková
cultural monument historical monument

North of the settlement of Zlatý Kopec, near to the state border, between the 16th and 19th centuries there was an important centre of mining of tin, iron and, to a lesser extent, copper ores. Zinc ores were mined here from the middle of the 19th century. There are countless surface mining sites, small exploration pits, dozens of sunk shafts and tunnels, and many heaps. The whole area has retained the authentic character of the original mining landscape to this day. The Kaff area was divided into two separate parts – the eastern part (Front Kaff) with the main Johannes mine and the western part (Rear Kaff) with the main Kohlreuter mine.

The Golden Hill – Kaff area is extremely interesting from a mineralogical point of view, too. Tin from here is not only linked to casiterite, but also to extremely rare hydroxides of tin: wickmanit, schoenfliesit, nathanit or hulsit (tin boritan).


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